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Strip flooring & Parquerty

Perth Timber Floors specialises in direct fixed installation, the most common method for installing floors over concrete slabs throughout Western Australia.


Timber clad concrete or MDF staircases are becoming increasingly more popular as more double story houses and units are built or carpets are replaced as part of a home...

Stains & Colours

While most of the timber floors that we install are enhanced with a clear finish and polish, some of our customers’ décor calls for a stained or coloured floor treatment to...

Plank on ply

This method is most often used to build height to match marble and granite entry tiles or to patch and repair a variety of subfloor surfaces during renovations.

Engineered floors

At Perth timber floors we often jokingly refer to the Engineered systems as the Cake Mix of the timber floor world. This is because like the cake mix the messy, dusty, sometimes smelly...

Repairs, Renos And Kitchen

Remodelling your kitchen is the best way to update your home. In most cases, this means changing the cabinet layout or footprint, which ultimately means changing your...

Beading and skirting boards

All timber floors must have an adequate expansion gap when installed as specified by the Building Codes. This is to allow space for the timber to expand and contract with...

Visit Our Showroom

Our long established showroom is conveniently located in Maylands. The wide selection of samples, allows you to view and choose from a range of timber species, grades, widths, finishes, stains and trims to best suit your décor. We will assist and provide the information you need and then guide you step by step to understand the process. Once you choose the timber, finish etc to create the look you want, we will provide a free itemised written quotation from your floorplans or drawings.

To proceed and schedule the project requires no upfront payment or deposits, just confirmation in writing to enable us to order and secure the timber supply with the mill. The installation of the floor is carried out by our own qualified and experienced team, no outside contractors. This means we have full control and communication throughout the process. Unlike others, Perth Timber Floors is not just a supplier of timber floor boards; rather our team takes pride in the installation of your fully installed and guaranteed timber floors….. from start to finish.