Perth Timber Floors are Perth’s longest established, independent, privately owned and operated, award winning timber floor installers. We are professional and experienced, ready to help you with advice, quotations and installation of your timber floors.

We specialise in:

  • Floors in new homes, extensions and additions.
  • Solid strip floors and parquetry installation.
  • Kitchen floors for remodels and renovations.
  • Matching and extending existing timber floors.
  • Acoustic matting for BCA regulations
  • Use of recycled and reclaimed timber flooring.
  • Timber cladding for concrete and MDF staircases.
  • Pre-finished and engineered timber flooring systems.
  • Acoustic options to meet BCA regulations for multi-level dwellings.
  • Repairs and patching after renovations, wall and hearth removal.
  • Heritage and specialist commercial projects.
  • Insurance works and repairs resulting from white ant and water ingress.

Step one: Pre-installation site check

To ensure our six year guarantee and warranty, our installers will meet with you on site to ensure the slab or floor meets the Australian Standards and ATFA recommendations, and is suitable to install over. We use diamond grinding to remove any contamination, as this is crucial for successful bonding.

Step two: Choose and install your floor system

Direct Fix: Strip Floors and Parquetry: Most Common installation method in WA

Timber boards or parquetry blocks are fully adhered to the subfloor. This method is most popular and offers you the widest choice of timber species, grade and width. The raw floors are sanded onsite, and finished with your choice of sealer or stain to protect and enhance the timber. Using our Direct Fix method for raw boards and parquetry will give you the best look and feel to your floor or stairs.

Plank on ply: To build up, stabilise or match other floor heights

Plywood sheets are fixed to the clean slab, and the timber boards are glued and nailed over the top. This method is used for cladding staircases over concrete, and is also used to build up a floor to match other floor heights.

Batten-fixed structural boards: Ideal for older home extensions with recessed concrete to match with recycled boards

Used mostly for older home extensions and renovations. A batten framework is fixed to the concrete slab, and new or recycled structural boards are nailed to the framework. This allows for boards to be toothed in for an invisible repair or join to an existing floor. The floor is then sanded and finished.

“Floating on underlay: Engineered flooring systems

Our installers will assess the slab or subfloor to ensure it is suitable to install a new floor over, according to guidelines of the ATFA and ASA. We follow stringent guidelines when bonding timber directly to a concrete floor, to ensure it is level, dry, secure and uncontaminated.