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You will find in our range a timber floor to suit your décor.

At Perth Timber Floors, we source a wide range of timber species and “decorator” stained, pre finished boards, chosen for their unique character and high quality from mills Australia wide. At Perth Timber Floors we will handle every aspect from the delivery of the timber to site right through to the installation of the final trims and skirtings, including removal of rubbish from site. The timber flooring on display is also available for supply to our DIY or country customers. We can assist and arrange transport.

Browse through our different products below and find the one that best suits your needs.

Direct Fixed: Strip flooring & Parquetry (Installed Raw: sanded & polished onsite)

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Perth Timber Floors specialises in direct fixed installation, the most common method for installing floors over concrete slabs throughout Western Australia. This method of adhering solid, raw, low-profile timber floorboards directly onto a dry, secure and level concrete surface means the floor level is comparable to adjoining tiles, carpets and sliding doors. A bed of adhesive is trowelled over the concrete and each board placed into position engaging with the next along the tongue and groove edge. Temporary fixing pins hold the strip floorboards firmly into the adhesive over night and removed once the adhesive is cured. Parquetry blocks are adhered only and cannot be walked on prior to adhesive curing to avoid moving and distorting the pattern. The timber floors are sanded, filled and polished just like any timber floor and hand roller-coated with the finish and sheen level of your choice. Stairs to match are installed in a similar method. Plywood is adhered to concrete steps and risers to provide square base. Plywood base is not required for MDF steps. See below for more detail on stairs.


Sanding and Polishing


To achieve the finish and gloss level you want, the raw floorboards are sanded and polished onsite. At our showroom, we have samples of different floor finishes for you to examine yourself, including:


  • Rich lacquer solvent-based polyurethane
  • Non yellowing, odourless, water-based finish
  • Low sheen, semi gloss or matte options
  • New Invisible finish…. raw look whilst still protected.


You can also compare our different skirting board and beading trims in order to find the perfect finish for your new floor.


Floor Essentials


The typical floorboard height is between 10 and 14 millimetres. You can trust that our low-profile floorboards will match the height of most tiles, carpets and other flooring.


Before we can start the bonding process, it’s essential to have a clean and uncontaminated subfloor. We can discuss your options and recommend contractors for this preparation work, which will include the removal of old tiles, carpet underlays and adhesives as needed.


  • The thickness of the solid low profile board ranges between 10- 14mm
  • The width ranges between 70mm to 135mm
  • The concrete slab MUST be clean, flat ,dry, level and secure prior to bonding the timber. These assessments are made by the installer prior to installation.
  • The floor is a “no go zone” during the sanding and polishing process

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8-perth timber floors

Timber Stairs


Timber clad concrete or MDF staircases are becoming increasingly more popular as more double story houses and units are built or carpets are replaced as part of a home renovation. Perth Timber Floors has a range of stair options and can advise which will best suit your home.

When constructed the same batch of floorboards is used for the timber stairs for a perfect match to your floor. Real timber veneers are popular and most often used for the step riser to achieve a smooth evenly matched finish. This combined with a solid plywood base for concrete steps and various & stair nosing profiles means your staircase will be a feature of your home.

Come in to see and become familiar with bull nose or pencil round nosing profiles, riser, stringer, voids and fascia which are all parts of the staircase construction. These are handy building terms to know and understand to discuss with your builder so we can help you to achieve the look you are after.

Will the balustrade be installed or not? Once the balustrade is installed your options are limited. Please talk to us during the construction phase to avoid costly changes and unnecessary cover trims. Often metal balustrade post fixings are installed with slide down cover plates for a neat finish.

Just a reminder “curves cost” curved bottom steps or features will cost more as they must be custom made from templates

Stains & Colours

While most of the timber floors that we install are enhanced with a clear finish and polish, some of our customers’ décor calls for a stained or coloured floor treatment to achieve the look they want most.


Quality Raw Timber Base


The most common timber used for staining is oak—specifically, American White Oak wide boards or large parquetry blocks. In the staining process, we change the colour of the raw timber by hand applying, various pigments and waxes in shades and colours to match the client’s decore or style. Unlike painting, the stain application most often cannot be touched up or painted over. For this reason, we ask that you are onsite on the day of staining to approve the colour and depth of stain. Staining floors is a skill acquired over many years, one that our professional floor sanders and finishers exhibit in their work.

Once the stained floor is dry, it is coated with a clear polyurethane top coat to protect the stained timber, enhance the colour and provide the desired sheen level. Wax finishes do not require top coating.


Designer Trends & Colours


The most requested colours range from striking nearly jet black, through to softer antique brown gold tones to the popular lighter Hamptons style, limewashed greys and whites. The oak timber is most popular as it “holds” the stain with its open and fine grain patterns to produce a spectacular colour effect. Warm toned Antique Walnut stain is popular for the Herringbone pattern large block parquetry for an ageless look.

Many of our engineered floor products are also available in a palette of pre-stained or “roasted” oak finishes. This allows the customer to know the colour of the finished product as it is being installed, removing any guess work and giving them peace of mind.

Engineered Floors

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At Perth timber floors we often jokingly refer to the Engineered systems as the Cake Mix of the timber floor world This is because like the cake mix the messy, dusty, sometimes smelly process of sanding and polishing has been done in the factory so the wide panel real timber pre finished floorboards, are boxed and ready to deliver to site and install . The real timber top layer (4-6mm lamella) is bonded to cross laminated base material stability. It is this unique engineered structure that allows the engineered floors to be installed without being adhered or fixed to the sub floor but rather boards are adhered to each other and “float” over an underlay. The engineered floors are perfect for installation in multi level dwellings where the body corporate regulations and building codes require approved acoustic underlay data and lift only access.


Flooring Essentials


  • Engineered floors are fast to install and are trafficable on the same day.
  • Because the panels are not adhered to the subfloor directly, grinding clean the subfloor is not crucial.
  • Engineered floor systems are ideal for installing over existing ceramic or vinyl tiles.
  • Engineered floors can be installed in dwellings which are still occupied.
Plank on Ply

This method is most often used to build height to match marble and granite entry tiles or to patch and repair a variety of subfloor surfaces during renovations. 12 mm plywood sheets are adhered & nailed or anchored to the concrete or other subfloors. Low profile floorboards are adhered & nailed onto the plywood. The timber floorboards are sanded & finished on site same as with direct fixed (above). The floor height (22 -26mm) and may require onsite and unforseen trimming of doors, reducer splays to other floor levels, bathrooms tiles etc.This method can be problematic in some kitchens,at sliding doors and apartment fire doors. Please note the plywood sheets do provide an adequate moisture or acoustic barrier and will not make the timber floor “softer” to walk on as some companies claim . A clean sub floor is required for the plywood bond as with the direct fix method


Flooring Essentials


  • Floor height 22-26 mm
  • May require splays down to match other floor heights
  • May require doors to be planed (to open) & bench and skirting board height lost.
  • Alternatively the concrete sub-floor will need to be recessed in the area to accommodate.
Repairs, Renos and Kitchen Remodels

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Remodelling your kitchen is the best way to update your home. In most cases, this means changing the cabinet layout or footprint, which ultimately means changing your entire floor. We work alongside many of Perth’s kitchen companies to seamlessly install entire new flooring or match and patch existing floors during the renovation process.


How We Work with Kitchen Remodeling


Once your old cabinets and the existing floor coverings (most often either vinyl or ceramic tiles) are removed, the subfloor is cleaned and the raw floor is installed wall to wall or areas missing patched. We recommend a level sand of any patched areas. After the new cabinets are installed and all the tradesmen have finished their work, our sanders can return to complete the fine sanding and polishing of your floors.


Extensions and Renovations of Existing Timber Floors


In many renovations, clients want to extend the flooring to other areas of the home. We can give you a quote based on the floor plans you bring us and advise you on the scheduling, as well as work alongside your renovation or kitchen company to help you through the process.

In some cases, an existing timber floor that is still in otherwise good condition may need minor repairs due to wall removal or white ant damage or extending and refurbishing as part of the renovation. Being able to identify and source the matching timber and “tooth” (a patch in for an invisible repair) requires the specialised knowledge and know-how of our skilled team of installers. In most cases the entire repaired or extended floor will need to be re-sanded and polished.

Beading and Skirting Boards

Beading and Skirting Boards


All timber floors must have an adequate expansion gap when installed as specified by the Building Codes. This is to allow space for the timber to expand and contract with seasonal changes. The expansion gap is covered by a trim—either a beading or skirting board—once the floor is sanded and polished.

Skirting board is a wall trim and the style usually matches the doors and architraves. The most common styles are:


  • Bullnose
  • Splay
  • Colonial
  • Lambs tongue


Skirting range from 60mm and can be as high as 380mm depending on the style of house. Most of our skirting installations are pre-primed MDF and ready to paint. However, there is a range of solid raw and pre-finished timber skirting boards available.

Beading is a much smaller pre-finished trim and usually matches the timber floor or, in some cases, an existing timber skirting. The splay profile used most commonly is flat, only sitting 9mm above the floor. Beading trim is most often required under front door sliding doors and the base kitchen cabinets. The older style 19mm x19mm quarter round (“quad”) beading is more in keeping for period homes.

A selection of beading and skirting profiles and floor trims for engineered floors are available for viewing in our showroom in Mt. Lawley. Feel free to direct any questions you may have about our products to our friendly and qualified staff.