Timber Species

Timber from different tree species have their own unique colours, grains, hardness, and markings.  The methods our professionals use for installation and finishing will enhance their special characteristics, and protect the wood for years of healthy living.  Choose your colour from a range of natural rich reds, tans, and golden blondes.

Decorator Stains

Oak timber species are most common for staining and colour washing.  American White Oak, European Oaks from Baltic States and France are most favoured for their defined grain and distinctive swirl patterns which create spectacular effects when stained. The most popular colour palettes are charcoal and jet blacks, chocolate and walnut browns, soft antique rustic golds and pastel lime wash whites and greys for the Hamptons look.  We offer an extensive selection of pre-stained and pre-finished engineered floors for exact colour matching.  Our professionals can also hand stain onsite, to match balustrades, steps, or other furniture in your home.

Start Planning Your Project 

Strip Flooring and Parquetry

We specialise in Direct Fixed installation, the most common method for installing floors over concrete slabs throughout Western Australia.

Timber Stairs

Timber clad concrete or MDF staircases are becoming increasingly more popular as more double storey houses and units are built or carpets are replaced as part of a home renovation.

Beading and Skirting Boards

All timber floors must have an adequate expansion gap when installed as specified by the Building Codes. This is to allow space for the timber to expand and contract with seasonal changes. 

Engineered Floors

At Perth Timber Floors we often jokingly refer to the engineered systems as the cake mix of the timber floor world. This is because like cake mix the messy, dusty and sometimes smelly process of sanding and polishing has been done in the factory, ready to deliver to site and install.

Plank on Ply

This method is most often used to build height to match marble and granite entry tiles or to patch and repair a variety of sub-floor surfaces during renovations. 12mm plywood sheets are adhered and nailed or anchored to the concrete or other sub-floors.

Repairs, Renovations and Remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen is the best way to update your home. In most cases, this means changing the cabinet layout or footprint, which ultimately means changing your entire floor.

Perth Timber Floors

We are a Perth based business, installing some of the finest floors in Perth homes and businesses since 1991. 

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